Shelter-In-Place Active Threat Alert System may be installed in any size facility giving your workforce or student body instant warning of a live threat. 


The one-touch activation, from a proprietary RF controller, activates a series of strobe lights that provide visual and audible alerts to clear the hallways, lockdown offices and classrooms until help arrives. 

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Instant Warning

An active threat may create chaos by activating the fire alarm filling hallways with potential targets. Designated staff can activate the Shelter-In-Place Alert System via a proprietary key fob or fixed wireless panic button.


Affordable, Practical, Easy to Install

Wireless connectivity between the strobe lights makes this system affordable for new construction or retrofit installations. There is nothing to monitor means there are no contracts. 


Safety on a budget.

Minimum basic coverage for your building and your budget. Our system is expanded simply by adding additional strobes to enhance your coverage.

Not just for Schools - Large Warehouse and Office Buildings as well.

Outdoor Demonstration McKinney Christian Academy

Mckinney Texas 

Straight line-of-site activation is 400 yards with one press. Up to 650 yards tested.

Indoor Demonstration Commerce ISD, Commerce Texas 

150 ft. line of site strobe to strobe


Visual Signal
Strobe-to-Strobe Communication
Audible & Visual Alert

Shelter-in-place audio-visual alert beacons leverage Tescor Products ruggedly designed strobe lights. Made in America.

A radiofrequency antenna  in each strobe allows for multiple remote control options across the entire building and strobe to strobe.

Audible and visually equipped to alert staff and students to clear the halls, lockdown classrooms and Shelter-in-Place

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High-Density Awareness Solution

Safety on a Budget. Designed to Scale as Budget Allows. 

High-Density areas like gyms, bandroom and lunchrooms are by nature more vulnerable to an active threat.  

Our starter kits are a cost effective option for any facility focus on areas where student and staff congregate. 

Every school has a safety protocol and Shelter-In-Place Alert System can provide the trigger and awareness to activate your schools plan, and provide immediate awareness to the most vulnerable.

Free School or District Estimates

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One-Touch Activation Instant Awarness

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Patent Pending 

Shelter-in-Place Active Threat System is designed to allow more than one person, or location, to activate the alarm in an active threat situation.

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